Best Global Brands

I lead product development and user experience designs for Interbrand’s Best Global Brands franchise (2011-2016). The report began as a simple annual ranking with complimentary articles and over time has developed into an immersive experience centered around how our audience identifies and interacts with the Best Global Brands. We began experimenting with responsive web design in our 2012 report which received a Webby Award nomination, and since then it has evolved to include interactive charts, new business lead generation and our iconic Best Global Brands grid design.

Each year Interbrand has presented a new topic of conversation on how brands have shaped the global market place. Global CEOs and CMO’s look to this definitive ranking as a way of highlighting how their brand has performed over the last year.

Best Global Brands is Interbrand’s largest intellectual property where generation of traffic year on year ranges from 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 views on launch day.

I had a cool opportunity to shoot photos for the 2012 report.